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EORI number: everything you need to know


In today’s article, we’ll address all doubts regarding the EORI number – a crucial element in cross-border trade. You’ll learn what this number is, how to obtain it, and who needs it. Furthermore, we won’t forget about the required documents and our customs agencies, ready to assist you.

What is the EORI Number?

The EORI Number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) is a unique identifier used in the European Union to identify entities involved in customs transactions. It’s a crucial element for businesses trading with countries outside the EU.

How to obtain it?

The process of obtaining an EORI is relatively straightforward. A business submits the appropriate application to the relevant customs authority of the country where it operates. In Poland, the EORI number consists of the letters „PL,” the taxpayer identification number (NIP) of the entrepreneur, and a string of up to 17 characters (including five zeros).

Who needs it and what is it for?

The EORI is necessary for entities engaged in trade with countries outside the European Union. It’s worth emphasizing that without this number, it’s impossible to complete customs formalities within the EU. This means that anyone planning international trade must obtain this number.

What does the EORI number look like?

The registration number required for trading goods with non-EU countries. Each entrepreneur may have one number within the European Union, for example, in Poland, such a number consists of the letters „PL,” the taxpayer identification number, and a string of up to 17 characters (five zeros included). It’s important to note that the number is assigned upon the entrepreneur’s request, and its absence will result in the inability to perform customs formalities within the EU customs territory.

Required documents

To obtain an EORI number, the entrepreneur must submit the appropriate application along with several necessary documents, such as:

1. Authorization in the original signed by the official representative of the company.
2. Treasury fee.
3. Company registration documents.

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