PKS Cargo

Our company

We operate within the areas of customs agencies, transportation, forwarding and logistics which allows us to carry out efficient and comprehensive execution of our tasks within an optimal time frame. Thanks to this combination of complementary services we fulfil the role of a versatile business partner.

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Our vision

We wish to be a credible and recognisable partner on the market of customs and logistic services. We build value on the basis of competences, experience and commitment of our employees. We continuously invest in our development and seek new solutions.

Our strategy

Strengthening of our position on the market, seeking to fulfil the growing requirements of the customs and transport sectors and constant development of our staff.

Our mission

Our company offers customs and logistic services to our customers swiftly, professionally, safely and kindly.



Over 7000 companies from 44 countries trusted us.


We prepare tailored transport solutions in transport, forwarding and logistics for each customer.


Countless customs clearances and freights is an opportunity for us to keep improving our solutions and customer service.

RECIPE FOR SUCCESSWe care about friendly and collaborative relationships with our clients. We strive towards comprehensive execution of assigned tasks within optimal time frames.

The best quality

High quality services are guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System introduced at our company 2002 and confirmed with a certificate given by DET NORSKE VERITAS. The certificate encompasses forwarding services as well as road transportation of goods both domestically and internationally. On 17 June 2009, we joined the ranks of holders of the AEO certificate, granted by customs administration, which is recognised in all countries of the Community. Each year our activities expand, bringing us new quality awards and certificates.




Joanna Lasoń, CEO

There is no doubt that the employees are an invaluable pillar of this company. For me, the employer, a committed employee is the most valuable asset. Commitment is more than job satisfaction. A committed employee not only performs his or her job 100% but is enthusiastic about their duties, identifies with the company, simply loves what they do, and is the driving force behind the development of our company.

Witold Molanda, Dep. Di. Gen for transport and forwarding

We want to be very close to our clients and the market. We want to support our clients in their development through our experience and professionalism. We want to listen to the market, what it wants to tell us and what role it sees for us. Based on such experienced and fully committed staff, I look forward to the next 25 years with confidence and hope.


Cargo Logistic Sp. z o. o.

Cargo Logistic was founded in November 2015 to support services provided to our clients.
“We provide intermediation services in customs matters. We wish to continuously raise our competences, which in turn involves improving quality and the range of provided services. We have expanded our activity with transportation and forwarding services, both domestically and internationally, which is why we are able to succeed in meeting all expectations of our clients. Thanks to cooperation with PKS International CARGO S.A. we can service the most demanding clients while offering the services of our contractors and co-contractors”.

Managing Director of Cargo Logistic sp. z o. o.