PKS Cargo

Obtaining EORI number


Reference number is required in case of trading of goods from outside EU territories. One entrepreneur can be assigned a single EORI number within the territory of the European Union, e.g. in Poland such a number comprises letters ‘PL’, NIP number and a string of up to 17 characters (five zeros) The number is assigned at the request of the entrepreneur, whereas the lack thereof prevents the entrepreneur from handling customs formalities within the EU customs territory.

Required documents:
•  authorisation in the original with a signature of the official representative of the company
•  stamp duty
•  company’s establishment documents

PKS International CARGO S.A. customs agencies providing these services are located in:
Biała Podlaska, Białystok, Chyżne, Dorohusk, Hrebenne, Hrubieszów, Konin, Kuźnica, Opole, Przemyśl, Siemianówka, Suwałki, Żarska Wieś.