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Temporary storage: the optimum solution for imports


Welcome to our brief article discussing the benefits of utilizing a temporary storage warehouse, an excellent solution for importers. Let’s focus on the key issue, which is the role of this procedure in the import process. Additionally, in response to our clients’ increasing inquiries on this topic, we’ve decided to clarify key aspects in one place.

What is a temporary storage warehouse?

A temporary storage warehouse (TSW) is a concept gaining popularity in the TSL industry, primarily a strategy that significantly facilitates the import process. Its main goal is to store goods under customs supervision, enabling importers to avoid the barrier associated with the immediate customs declaration.

Operating principles of temporary storage warehouse:

  1. TSW allows for the storage of goods for a period not exceeding 90 days. During this time, all customs formalities must be completed, and the goods must be declared for customs clearance or transferred to a customs warehouse.
  2. To place goods in the warehouse, they must be declared based on the Temporary Storage Declaration (TSD).
  3. In exceptional circumstances, the TSD can be replaced by other documents, such as a cargo manifest, simplified declaration, or other transport documents.
  4. While goods are stored in the warehouse, the owner may have access to them but cannot make any changes. This applies to the appearance, properties, and packaging of the goods.

Difference between temporary storage warehouse and customs warehouse:

A customs warehouse is a place for storing goods from non-EU countries, allowing for the deferral of customs duties and taxes. Unlike TSW, goods can be stored in a customs warehouse without time restrictions. However, TSW is utilized when the importer cannot immediately declare the imported goods. The maximum period is 90 days, and failure to declare results in the goods being transferred to a customs warehouse.

In summary, a temporary storage warehouse is an invaluable tool for importers, enabling flexible management of goods when waiting for the successful completion of customs declaration procedures. Undoubtedly, for the full protection of the importer’s interests, it is worth considering the use of this strategy for imports from outside the European Union.

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