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Remote customs clearance in Poland


What is remote customs clearance? How to clear goods remotely? How long does it take to carry out remote customs clearance? Who can perform remote customs clearance? These and other questions will be answered in the following post. We would like to encourage you to read it.

Remote customs clearance in Poland is nothing more than customs clearance at a distance. With the introduction of the CUDO system (Centre for the Official Clearance of Goods), foreign traders and hauliers are able to carry out customs clearance remotely at any Customs Office throughout the country. It is applicable to both exports and imports of goods.

The procedure for declaring goods has not changed. All necessary documents are still required, but the form in which they are to be presented to the Customs has changed. Remote customs clearance offers the possibility to present documents electronically. As a result, traders can use the services of a reliable customs agency, with which they have established cooperation processes, even if it does not have a physical location at a branch of the Customs Office.

When cannot remote customs clearance be used?

Unfortunately, remote customs clearance is not applicable when exporting/importing goods that require the presence of services such as the veterinary service or when it is necessary to present certificates or certificates in paper form. Which goods can be cleared remotely? This question will be answered by a customs agent, who will also advise on the best and fastest way to clear the goods.

How to carry out remote customs clearance:

Remote customs clearance can only be carried out by an authorised customs agent. He is authorised to represent by the owner/official representative of the company commissioning the customs clearance. These formalities are completed at the stage of signing the contract and establishing the terms of co-operation between the customs agency and the customer of the customs agency. Once all formalities between the customs agency and the customer have been completed, including the sending of the necessary original authorisations. The customs agent can perform the customs clearance, also remotely. All that is required is for the customer to send a set of documents for clearance to the selected customs agency that offers remote customs clearance. Below, we have described the process of remote customs clearance step by step.


1. Sending documents:
The customer sends the necessary documents for clearance + the driver’s telephone number to an e-mail address of the selected customs agency with REMOTE CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT in the subject line. It is advisable to confirm by phone whether the e-mail has arrived.

2. Choice of customs office:
The customer or driver selects the customs office where customs clearance is to take place. Most often, the Customs Office chosen is the one located on the route of the transport and working at the appropriate time.

3. Declaration of the goods:
The customs agent declares the goods for customs clearance and sends the declaration number to the driver.

4. Positioning of the transport at the selected Customs office:
The driver with the declaration number and the „CMR” approaches the customs officer at the CU to confirm that he is at the relevant CU, then has to wait a few minutes for a call from the customs agent.

5. Processing of the declaration by the CU:
The relevant branch of CUDO processes the declaration – unfortunately we have no influence on the processing time of the declaration.

6. Completion of the clearance:
Once customs clearance has been confirmed, the driver receives a telephone release from the customs agent and, in the case of export, the customs officer hands over the EX Export Declaration. At this point, the driver can proceed on his journey. The customs clearance documents are then sent by email to the customer.

The whole process is usually quick and efficient, but the duration of customs clearance depends on the work of the Customs Office.

Case study – customs clearance in Poland in practice

We assume that the driver has crossed the EU border in SK532100 – VYSNE NEMECKE, he is unloading in GARWOLINA. He has several UCs on the way, he can choose the one that suits him best. The driver chose the UC LUBLIN. The customer sends us the documents (invoices, certificates, CMR) via e-mail, the driver sends us a photo of the T1 via SMS. At 10 a.m. the driver calls and says he will be in Lublin in 2 hours. The customs agent has all the documents and makes the declaration before the driver arrives. He sends the clearance number by SMS. The driver, on the other hand, after entering the UC area, directly reports to the Customs Officer with the received clearance number. It usually takes a few minutes* to clear the goods (if the goods comply with the attached documents). The driver is informed by the agent that the clearance has been completed and can continue on his way.


  • – The customs declaration waits for the driver, not the driver for the declaration
  • – The driver does not have to look for a customs agency or wander between the agency and customs buildings.
  • – Full documentation can be completed while the driver is still on the road
  • – The choice of customs office is adapted to the route of the goods
  • – Customs agencies work 24 hours a day – carrying out clearance at any time of day or night

We offer our clients remote clearance at any branch of the Customs Office in Poland. We are able to clear any goods, at any UC in Poland for import and export. Our customs agencies work 24/7. If a client chooses a customs agency working 24/7, he/she will have access to customs services 365 days, thus minimising losses related to downtimes at customs offices.


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