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what is ISZTAR and what do you need it for?

What is isZtar and what do you need it for?

In today’s global world of trade and business, importers often encounter many formalities and procedures related to importing goods. One of the key elements of this process is determining customs duty rates, which can significantly impact the costs and efficiency of import operations. In such situations, the Integrated Tariff Information System, also known as ISZTAR, can be invaluable assistance.

What is ISZTAR?

ISZTAR is a web browser that allows importers to access a wide range of information related to customs tariffs, both EU and national. This system integrates data from the TARIC system (Integrated Tariff of the European Communities), making it easier for users to quickly obtain the necessary information.

How does this system work?

1) Browsing the customs tariff. 

ISZTAR allows browsing customs tariffs for various groups of goods. This enables importers to quickly find information regarding customs duty rates, legal bases, tariff quotas, and other data related to import and export.

2) Product search. 

The system allows searching for specific products using various criteria such as nomenclature code, product description, or country of origin. This helps importers quickly find the necessary information regarding customs duties for their goods.

3) Data and currency exchange rates manipulation. 

ISZTAR enables data manipulation, which can be useful in determining overdue settlements. Additionally, users can check currency conversion rates, allowing for accurate determination of import costs.

Why should you use ISZTAR?

– Facilitates the import process: thanks to it, importers can quickly and easily obtain the necessary information regarding customs duty rates and other charges related to importing goods. This is invaluable assistance that saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

– Provides up-to-date information: the system is regularly updated, meaning that users have access to the latest data. This helps avoid errors related to outdated information.

– User-friendly: the system is intuitive and easy to use, making it easier even for people unfamiliar with the topic. This is particularly important for smaller companies that do not have their own customs department.

In summary, the Integrated Tariff Information System (ISZTAR) is an invaluable tool for importers, enabling them to quickly and easily obtain the necessary information. Thanks to it, importers can effectively manage their import processes and avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

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