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Customs agent in Poland – all you need to know


In today’s article we will look at the role and powers of a customs agent. Agents are key specialists in the customs clearance process. One of their tasks is to ensure the correct flow of goods between countries and to represent the interests of traders before the customs authorities.

Who is a customs agent?

A customs agent is a professional within a customs agency who ensures compliance with regulations and, in addition, looks after the interests of clients in customs procedures. This professional represents economic operators in their dealings with customs and tax authorities on issues such as import or export.

Who can become a customs agent?

First and foremost, in order to practise as a customs agent, it is necessary to be qualified. According to the regulations, a person wishing to become a customs agent must have full legal capacity and relevant qualifications or experience. It should be noted that this may include a university degree related to economic sciences and law. It is also worth noting that when one has well-established experience then a postgraduate certificate or a minimum of three years’ experience in customs matters is sufficient.

How to become a customs agent in Poland?

A person interested in working as a customs agent must apply for entry on the list of customs agents to the relevant administrative authority. In Poland, the competent authority is the Director of the Warsaw Chamber of Tax Administration. In other words, once the application has been granted, the person can officially start working in this role.



What activities does a customs agent perform on a daily basis?

During the course of their daily work, a customs agent performs a number of key activities to ensure that customs procedures are carried out correctly. This includes, among others, declaring goods for customs procedures and preparing customs declarations. Other tasks include: drawing up INTRASTAT documentation, representing clients before customs and inspecting the goods in transit. Therefore, do not be surprised by the avalanche of questions regarding the declared goods. Their country of origin, mode of packaging and intended use are very important information. As a result, a customs agent needs to know literally everything in order for the documentation to be drawn up with the utmost integrity.

Key responsibilities of a customs agent in Poland:

1. A customs agent is responsible for preparing customs documents and filing customs declarations on behalf of a client or company that imports/exports goods. It should be noted that this entails excellent knowledge of customs procedures and current changes in legislation.

2. In addition, such a person must correctly classify the goods according to the customs tariff (hence these detailed questions on our part) in order to correctly determine the customs rates, the appropriate value of taxes and fees.

3. Each specialist works with clients, informs them of changes in legislation, helps them to obtain the necessary documents and answers questions related to customs and tax procedures.

4. Not only do they keep up to date due to changing legislation, but they also adhere to ethics and principles, ensuring integrity and confidentiality in their actions.

Why use the services of a customs agency?

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*The information contained in the publication is current as at 28.02.2024.

Dominika Akielaszek | 28.02.2024