PKS Cargo



Oversize load transportation involves goods of non-standard size and/or weight. This ‘strangeness’ of these goods calls for individual treatment of each case. That is why it is crucial for the carrier to possess experience and extensive portfolio. A multitude of completed operations provides a learning opportunity which helps the company improve its services and recommend the best solutions to clients. We have been providing oversize load transportation services for over 25 years. We have developed procedures which can then be adjusted to individual assignments while our many years of experience allowed us to establish a network with companies providing support services in oversize load transportation.
Oversized cargo transportation also involves logistics and handling formal aspects of transport such as permits, piloting, insurances, monitoring over the loading and unloading process.

We specialise in transportation of:
• steel structures              • wind farm elements
• machinery                       • production lines
• containers                       • other non-standard and unusual cargoes
• concrete elements

We organise oversize load transportation throughout Europe and Asia. We possess permanent permits for transportation in many EU countries and a high OCP insurance of 500.000 EUR

The range of our oversize load transportation services includes:
• selection of appropriate means of transport
• permit handling
• organisation of civilian and police piloting
• tours of routes
• expertise on road and bridge facilities
• adaptation of road infrastructure
• additional insurance of cargoes
• customs documentation handling

Our services include the following types of trailers:
• tarpaulin trailer                  • telesattel
• mega                                   • semi
• flatbed                                 • tiefbett
as well as extendable tarpaulin trailers which are used in transportation of oversize loads which are susceptible to weather conditions.


Aside from full load transportation, our clients can also use part load transportation (LTL – Less Than Truck Load). This solution allows the transportation of smaller batches of goods. Part loads are goods which take less than full cargo space which involves sharing the means of transport with other clients. This provides flexibility, cost savings, safety and comfort in cooperation with the carrier/business partner responding to the client’s needs.
We provide part load transportation services across the entire Europe.


Full load transportation is also known as full truck load transportation (FTL). This type of transportation means that one client hires the entire cargo area of the vehicle. The cargo area is not divided into several clients. The cargo is usually placed on pallets, in boxes or loose.
A team of experienced forwarders is capable of providing service to clients speaking English, German or Russian. Before presenting our offer we carefully examine the needs of the client. Each client is serviced by a designated forwarder which is how we build individual and beneficial relationships. We provide comprehensive service to our clients both in relation to transportation and customs agency services during customs clearances.

Standard transport specifications:
• Maximum length: 13.60 m
• Maximum width: 2.50 m
• Maximum height: 3.00 m

We provide full load transportation services across the entire Europe and Asia.
We have both our own fleet and utilise vehicles of our verified long-term subcontractors.


Our offer includes temperature-controlled transportation solutions. These services are intended for clients transporting demanding products such as: food products, medicine, cosmetics, chemical products or construction materials. Their transportation is handled with the use of refrigerator trailers or isothermal trailers in which the temperature is constantly monitored.


We handle dangerous load transportation in accordance with the ADR convention for all 9 classes of dangerous materials:
• explosive materials and objects
• gasses
• flammable liquids
• flammable solids, self-reactive materials and desensitised solid explosives
• materials liable to spontaneous combustion
• materials that generate flammable gas upon contact with water
• oxidising materials
• organic peroxides
• poisonous materials
• contagious materials
• radioactive materials
• corrosive materials
• various dangerous materials and objects