PKS Cargo

Zgłoszenie INTRASTAT


It is a service provided to entities which:

• sell WDT (Intra-Community Supply of Goods) of the total value exceeding 2.000.000 PLN within a single year to countries of the European Union

• or buy WNT (Intra-Community Acquisition of Goods) of the total value exceeding 4.000.000 PLN from countries of the European Union

Upon exceeding the above mentioned turnovers the obligation of generating Intrastat declarations arises.

The penalty for failure to submit a declaration is 3.000 PLN.

We discuss the details of cooperation in person in order to achieve the most optimal cooperation.

Taxpayers who exceeded detailed thresholds:

• WNT – 65.000.000 PLN

• WDT – 108.000.000 PLN

have to provide additional data such as: delivery terms in accordance with INCOTERMS and transportation costs apart from the basic data

PKS International CARGO S.A. customs agencies providing these services are located in:

Konin, Opole, Żarska Wieś